Physician Advantages

Enhance Patient Care and Increase Profitability

StreamCare is the easiest and most profitable way to dispense medications to your patients. By leveraging technology to solve the issues prevalent in the industry, StreamCare brings a reimagined approach to physician dispensing.

“Trust is #1 in my book when it comes to business relationships. StreamCare has earned my trust by delivering on every level - transparency, compliance, customer service, and financial performance.”

Orlando F, MD

StreamCare Customer Since 2013

“We've worked with multiple dispensing companies over the years and StreamCare is by far the best....easy to use, great service, and improved profitability. They've earned my recommendation.”

Cami D, PA-C

StreamCare Customer Since 2014

“Hands down my favorite company to work with. I used to dread the dispensing process with our old company. I'm so glad our practice made the switch to StreamCare.”

Vickie L, CMA/AAMA

StreamCare Customer Since 2015

Superior Results

Maximize profitability

We deliver unparalleled financial performance by never marking-up medication costs and maintaining industry-leading reimbursement rates.

No more middlemen

Our proprietary technology allows us to keep the intricacies of billing, collections, inventory management, and compliance reporting under one roof; never sacrificing margin to middlemen.

Drive better decisions

We provide you with key analytics and leverage our expertise to help you accomplish your specific goals.


Make allies, not enemies

We align you with insurance providers by increasing script adherence, driving utilization of cost-effective generics, and delivering invoices accurately without charging inflated repack AWPs. This protects your reputation and referrals, and improves claim reimbursement.

Repackager independence

Not being tied to one repackager allows us to shop the market and consistently source medications as cost-effectively as possible.

We're motivated to collect

We're only compensated when we collect, so you can rest assured that we are motivated to maximize your claim reimbursement. If you don't benefit, we don't benefit.


Minimize time invested by existing staff

We pride ourselves on finding efficiencies to help you focus on patient care. We will help you optimize the return on your time investment through formulary management, work flow, and business intelligence, whether you are a single practitioner or a multi-state organization.

Seamless software

We don't put our name on third-party dispensing software and call it our own, and we don't export your data to a 3rd party billing company. Our software is seamless, removing inefficiencies, increasing data accuracy, and improving your cash flow.